DEVIflex™ DSIG-10, DSIG-17, DSIG-20

Screened single conductor cable with two cold tails.

- Complies with the 60800
- Flame retarded
- Lead free

Typical application areas:
- Ice and snow melting in stairs and driveways
- Frost protection of pipes, roofs and gutters
- Indoor floor heating in domestic and public buildings
- Thin floors

DEVIflex™ DSIG-10, DSIG-17, DSIG-20

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Instruktion / Installationsanleitung
Anwendungen für den Innenbereich
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Anwendungen Innenbereich - Instruktion
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DEVI heating cables
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DEVI Kompendium
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Die erweiterte DEVI 20-Jahres-Garantie
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